In the Studio

I hope you are having as carefree a day as Picabia.

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Picabia for Sale

Like anything else these days, you can order copies of Picabia’s works from cheap oil painting companies in China. These look absolutely drool-inducing. I’ve tried similar companies before and have been less than happy with the results (figures are often painted by a different artist, and hence style, than the backgrounds), but if you would like to try, there are several, including here and here.

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Copy Cats

These two photos give you an idea of how closely Picabia modelled his figures from other imagery, in this case a portrait of the artist. The female models were likely taken from black and white ‘erotic’ magazines or pictures.

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Welcome to Our New Site!

Welcome to the new site. This is my blog, where I post about everything Picabia – his work, life, and the impact of his work around the world. It is also a chance to show of the blogging capabilities of this website, which is something any artist can download and use (see ‘News’ for more information).

The above image is of the party we would have had, had we had one.

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